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UTVcabEnclosures.com carries a complet line of enclosures for the BobCat brand of UTV's including:  the BobCat 2200 and BobCat 3400. For the 2200 we have two different Full Cab Enclosures, one with with a Hard Windsidhield and one to fit your Hard Windshield; the Mini-Cab (Hard Windshield, top canopy and rear window combo); the Top Canoy and the Full Hard Windshield. For the BobCat 3400, we have three different Full Cab Enclosures, the Mini-Cab, the Doors Rear Window Combo, the Top Canopy, both the FOLDING and Aero-Vent Hard Windshield. All custom cut and handmade for an exact fit on your BobCat vehicle. All Made in the USA.

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