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CFMoto Z-Force AeroVent Hard Windshield

CFMoto Z-Force AeroVent Hard Windshield

CFMoto Z-Force AeroVent Hard Windshield
CFMoto Z-force AeroVent Hard Windshield - top fit at ROPSCFMoto Z-force AeroVent Hard Windshield - AeroVenting system (frm inside cab)
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Love your CFMoto ZFORCE, then show it, and yourself, some love the original design AeroVent Windshield. Custom desigined and CNC  by the manufacturer that first invented the AeroVent ventilation system. You adjust the air flow for you crusing comfort from right inside sitting in ypur driver's seat. No mor all or nothing. No more getting out to open the flap. Less air, slide the vents closed...more just slide them open more. Quite litteraly the best of both worlds. .
  • Polycarbonate made by Lexan, (they claim it is bulletproof) and 1/4 inch thick
  • Attaches using all stainless steel hardware with rubber busings
  • Ships complete with all hardware, installation, and care instructions.
  • Completely hand crafted in the USA
  • Manufacturers 1 year warranty. 

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