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Electric Operated Wiper Kit

Electric Operated Wiper Kit

Electric Operated Wiper Kit
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Basic electric Windshield Wiper Kit. Must have drilled hole. UTVcabEnclosures.com is not responsible for any damage caused by installation, possibly voiding any warranty you may have.

This is a very basic 12 volt, electric Windshield Wiper kit to add to your hard windshield. Includes support strap. It is designed for use on hard-coated polycarbonate windshields ONLY. Please note: This wiper may scratch your polycarbonate windshield with extended use over time. 

  • Integrated ON/OFF switch on back of the motor
  • 12V self-contained wiper motor
  • 12" replaceable wiper blade
  • Telescoping arm adjustable from 13.5" to 17.5"
  • 90-degree wiper action with self-parking feature at the clockwise position (from the driver's perspective)
  • Wire, connectors, and fuse holder included
  • Installation hardware and instructions included

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