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Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield
Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard WindshieldHonda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield-cross braceHonda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield-sliding panelHonda Pioneer 1000-5 Areo-Vent Hard Windshield-stainles thumb screw bracket
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It is designed to fit the Honda 1000-5 two-seater. Ride in total comfort with no more getting out of the cab, walking to the front of your machine, and flipping open the folding windshield. This original AeroVent system polycarbonate windshield ends all that. Now, just reach out, slide open the vent to allow the perfect amount of air to flow into the compartment. Easy peasy!
  • Custom constructed of Lexan Polycarbonate specifically to fit Honda Pioneer 1000-5 two-seater.
  • The unique custom design surrounds the flush-fitting windshield with a professional-grade rubber gasket, minimizing trail noise and enhancing the overall performance of your windshield.
  • Slide open the vent, helping to eliminate blowback and dust in the passenger compartment.
  • 100% Polycarbonate making it much stronger than the less expensive Acrylic Windshields it is nearly bulletproof perfect for those rough wooded trail rides. 1/4" thick, giving you the durability and performance you want.
  • The windshield is securely attached using rust-resistant stainless steel, rubber-lined clamps.
  • Easy to Install! No special tools required. Comes complete with installation and care instructions.
  • Made in the USA.

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