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Kubota RTVx900 Doors Rear Window Combo

Kubota RTVx900 Doors Rear Window Combo

Kubota RTVx900 Doors Rear Window Combo
Kuboto RTVx900 Doors and Rear Window Combo - connection to top roll barsKuboto RTVx900 Doors and Rear Window Combo - side doorsKuboto RTVx900 Doors and Rear Window Combo
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Design especially for the Kubota RTVx900, this puppy fits like a glove. You will receive both side doors and the rear window as individual elements so you can remove them as you need. Just want a little extra dust protection in the summertime...remove the two doors and leave the rear window. Or just leave the doors on and roll them up and secure them in place with the Velcro strips sewn into the rear seams. Neat and easy.  This is the ideal combination if you already have a hard windshield and top. 

Everything attaches to the roll bars using industrial strength wide Velcro strips with the matching hook strips right in the enclosure. Rare earth magnets keep the door closed tight at the bottom. To enter or exit, just unzip the oversize YKK double tab zipper and step in. Close the zipper and you are good to run.
  • Designed for use with Kubota RTVx900 Windshield and Poly Top.
  • Features Professional Grade Marine Textile that is Waterproof, Puncture Resistant, Tear Resistant, and Abrasion Resistant, all seams are double stitched for extra long life.
  • Roll Away Doors provide the option of taking your doors with you and they conveniently stow-away when not in use.
  • 30 gauge AquaView tinted vinyl, professional-grade marine textile polyester, self-adhesive Velcro and rear earth magnets combine to provide you with a custom fit unlike anything on the market.
  • Custom Soft Door / Rear Window Combo offers superior protection from the elements at an affordable price.
  • Backed by a ONE YEAR manufacturer's guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship
  • FREE SHIPPING in LOWER 48 States
  • Completely handcrafted in the U.S.A.

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