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Oreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure

Oreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure

Oreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure
Oreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure Side DoorsOreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure Diamond RoofOreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure Roof AttachmentOreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure BackOreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure Back CoverOreion Sand Reeper Full Cab Enclosure Bed Cover Open
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So you have the most multi-tasking vehicle on the road or off-road available today, the Oreion Sand Reeper. You have the best made and now you want the best-made cab enclosure to protect your baby from the elements. This is the Full Cab Enclosure that the best made on the market today. None of this paper-thin vinyl junk that you might have gotten from the manufacture. This 100% top-of-the-line material, acrylic backed, waterproof, colorfast, abrasion-resistant, and very hard to tear. Plus, we threw in a diamond aluminum top for extra durability.

Precisely measured, cut, and handstitched for an exact fit, this enclosure works perfectly with your factory windshield. Held in place by snaps, Velcro Strips, and powerful Rare Earth Magnets, you have complete access to your cabin. Doors easily open in conjunction with your hard doors, you in and out. If you want the open-air feeling, you can quickly remove them and stow them away behind the seat. 

Everything has been thought through to give you the comfort and protection you seek and deserve on such a fine machine.
  • Constructed from 11oz. marine-grade fabric, 30 gauge AquaView tinted vinyl and double stitching polyester thread.
  • Protects you from all the elements. Keeping you warm and dry regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Durable material that is impregnated with Acrylic for a waterproof, colorfast, extremely tough fabric that will withstand tough trial riding or zip down the highway.
  • Manufacturer's ONE YEAR warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom made in the USA
  • FREE shipping to the lower 48 states
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