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Can-Am Commander

Can-Am Commander Cab Enclosures

The Can-Am Commander is one of the most attractive and sporty UTVs on the market. Its aggressive, modern design and cutting-edge technology combine to make it a popular choice among those who really want a screaming UTV machine for work and especially play. And if you’re rolling in a Can-Am Commander, there is no doubt that you should also be equipped with the latest and greatest Can-Am Commander accessories.
Items like:

Can-Am Commander Doors
The stock Can-Am Commander doesn’t come with a windshield, doors, rear window, or top. If you’re looking to weatherproof your UTV a bit or make it safer for kids and guests, one of the first things you’ll need is a set of doors. Our modular design doors are made from soft but extremely durable marine textiles and are easily removed should you elect to go door-less for an afternoon. Doors keep your passengers in and the environment out.

Can-Am Commander Windshields
Windshields are another simple safety buy. The Can-Am Commander windshields keep debris and mud from entering the front of the cab, and work as pretty good bug shields as well. An Aero-Vent windshield is an excellent Can-Am Commander add-on if you’re hoping to give your UTV  a more enclosed feel without installing a full enclosure. Between soft Can-Am Commander doors and a couple of windows, you’ll be well protected.

Can-Am Commander Enclosures
If you live, work or play in a harsh environment, a full Can-Am Commander enclosure is probably your best option. A Full Cab Enclosures will fit all current styles of Commanders and provide maximum protection from the wind, dust, rain, and snow with which you’re probably used to dealing. Additionally, mixing an in-cab heater with your enclosure will make those cold days a bit more bearable for you and everyone else in the vehicle.

There’s really no shortage of UTV accessories on the market. In fact, there are so many options that it might be hard to tell what exactly you need, and what you might be able to skip. We at UTV Cab Enclosures are here to assist you in any way possible so you can have the perfect setup. Please contact us at 859-369-5537 with any questions or visit www.utvcabenclosures.com for more information.


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