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UTVcabEnclosures.com Warranty Policy

We're so confident that the products you purchase from UTVcabEnclosures.com will exceed your expectations that we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all products!  If you purchase any of our professional grade UTV accessories and don‘t find them to be everything you hoped for, we will happily refund your purchase price!

Simply, contact us to gain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) code along with proper shipping information.  Once you have received a return authorization code, simply return the item.  When it reaches the Manufacturer Warranty Department, all returns will be inspected to ensure they are in unused and in factory new condition.  This process may take four to six weeks. If a returned item is approved by the Manufactuer Warranty Departent we will refund purchase price. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not return a damaged, worn, torn, or otherwise used units for refund, as only items in OEM factory new condition will be approved for refund by they Manufacturer Warranty Department. Items retunred that are NOT in NEW factory contition may result in the waranty being voided and NO refund being made or units returned without a proper RMA code will be charged a 25% restocking fee. 


Merchandise covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser. We will be happy to assist in obtaining fulfillment of a manufacturer’s warranty. Other than applicable manufacturers warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

  Examples of manufacturer waranty

Most of our manufacturers offer a one year warranty on accessories. This warranty begins on the date of purchase by the customer and lasts ONE (1) full calendar year. The customer must provide a copy of his/her receipt verifying purchase date, or verify purchase via electronic means (email history, credit card statement, bank statement, etc). .

?What dose the Warranty Cover
Factory Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. They use only the highest grade raw materials and inspect every item before it's shipped. However, they stand behind all the products they manufacture. Only defective items will be considered under this warranty policy, and only items that cannot be repaired will be replaced. All are subject to inspection before approval by the Manufactourer Warranty Department..

?What Are Some Examples of Warranty Repair Items
Loose or missing seam stitching
Missing snaps, clasps or buttons
Defective Zippers
Improper Fit
Missing Velcro

What Items Are Excluded From Warranty Coverage?
Exclusions from warranty coverage are accidental damage, normal wear and tear, abuse or improper handling or care, items ripped, torn, snagged, and any damages not caused by a defect in manufacturing, material or workmanship. Also excluded are accessories that have been altered structurally, modified, neglected, improperly maintained, damaged during trailer transit, used for racing or purposes other than it was manufacture.
Who Makes The Warranty Repair? 
All accessory items must be repaired by the manufacturer. Complete replacement of the item will only be warranted if the item is not repairable. Any alterations to accessories will result in voiding and termination of this warranty agreement. Although product failure is highly unlikely, please contact us prior to making any repairs so you may maintain your warranty status.

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