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Oreion Apex 4

Oreion Reeper Apex 4
4x4 UTV Cab Enclosures

The Sand Reeper is a vehicle that goes where no other UTV can. The Sand Reeper is the first and only UTV on the market today that meets the requirements for actual street use, just like your car or truck. Not only is it street legal but extremely four wheel capable as well. Just think of it, No more having to tow your UTV to the trails, no loading or unloading to go riding. Just get in the puppy and drive in comfort and style to where you want to go trail riding. Pretty cool eh?

Quite formable on the trails, it crushes off-road trails in a way that most UTV’s can only dream, and comes packed to the gills with powerful tools to get even the toughest jobs done. With a winch, trailer hitch and even an MP3 player, the Sand Reeper is ready to handle whatever task you happen to throw at it.

Sand Reepers feature full 4x4 control with a fully mechanical locking differential. It holds two bucket seats, disc brakes, side walls and doors, all stock. It’s one of the most "car-like" UTVs around.

Benefits of a Roof and Enclosure
The Sand Reeper comes with a lot of cool functionality and features and its stock enhancements make it extremely comfortable. However, the Reeper is still quite exposed to the elements, and if you’re working in conditions like wind, rain or snow, you may wish for a bit of additional coverage. The same can be said for cases of extreme heat.

The Sand Reeper’s side doors don’t do a lot to keep you warm or dry but a Sand Reeper cab enclosure, easy to install or remove, will protect you from the elements without compromising mobility or visibility. Even something as simple as a Sand Reeper top cap can go a long way toward making your travels more comfortable.

Enclosures are also good for those drivers who often have kids riding along -- the Sand Reeper’s side doors are exposed on the top and easy to climb out of during travel. An enclosure helps to keep the weather out and passengers in.

For any questions about the Sand Reeper CAB Enclosures or any other enclosure please contact us at 800-269-4380.


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